What We Do 

We invest in social enterprise businesses which provide affordable access to basic services for those living in poverty.

We support and invest in people across sectors. We are open to supporting non-profits, b-corps, or for profits, which sell an affordable product or service within basic services to populations living in poverty.

Investment Sectors

  • Education
  • Energy
  • Food Solutions
  • Healthcare
  • Housing
  • Water & Sanitation Solutions

Investment Ethos

All sectors, public, private and social have a duty to promote equality, access and dignity for humankind through innovative solutions to our scarcity challenges. Our investments seek to increase access, reach and affordability of basic services necessary for the achievement of equality, safety, health and human potential.

We support social enterprises whose products or services have potential to serve as solutions to systemic challenges of infrastructure and access to basic service provisions for the poor. Particularly, we enable social enterprises, with a proven track record of social impact, to expand operational reach and scale after profitability has been achieved. Our strategy is to promote grassroots local solutions to infrastructure gaps within basic service sectors. All the while encouraging cross-sector partnerships to create cohesive policies and access to basic services for the poor.


Requirements for an Ideal Candidate

• Organization sells product or service within basic services

• Product or service directly serves the poor or underserved in either developed or developing countries (at least 60% of customers)

• 2+ years operations and profitability

• Demonstrated and measured social impact

• Seeking investment funding in the form of debt or equity (not grants) to scale operations

• Clear distribution channels

• Clear plans and ability to scale operations/locations

• Management team with a will to succeed

• Products or services with potential to create systemic changes within basic services sector

• Promotes public and social sector partnership to create cohesive policies and access to basic services for the poor

Think your organization is a good fit?