About Us

 Creating Impact, Through Sustainability

World Impact Foundation aims to be a driving force for innovation and change in basic service provisions for populations living in poverty. Our approach is one grant making and one part capital with full investment into changemakers working to provide access to education, energy, food solutions, healthcare, housing and water. World Impact Foundation supports both NGOs and for-profit social enterprises.

Our cross-sector approach aims to address the needs of communities by building local infrastructure to meet the necessities of human life. Our funding provides much needed support to NGOs seeking to move away from the donor revenue paradigm. And our investment capital provides flexible working capital for companies seeking to scale.

Our Mission

To increase affordable access to basic services for low income populations in order to achieve equality, safety, health and human potential.

Enable holistic community development through grassroots organizations, which utilize people centered approaches, backed by evidence, to create systemic change in basic service solutions.

Promote economic development within low income communities to eradicate poverty.

Cultivate collaboration across social, public and private sectors.