Promoting Sustainable NGOs

A good home and quality education are not privileges, but necessities for a successful life. We improve communities through creating an avenue of support to build better lives.

Through promoting a holistic approach to community development we enable NGOs to grow in their efficiency and service offerings to fully meet the needs of their target population. We emphasize supporting sustainable models of intervention. Our grants focus on scaling earned income activities to allow organizations to pursue an earned revenue model and transition away from the donor based approach. The intention is to provide organizations the bandwidth to pursue social enterprise models of intervention.

What We Fund

We support NGOs creating innovative and financially sustainable solutions to basic service access issues. Specifically, we provide grants to NGOs to enable organizations to:

  • Become financially sustainable through income generating activities
  • Transition from donor revenue to earned revenue to cover operational costs
  • Develop infrastructure necessary to deliver services
  • Execute new programs to meet target population’s needs more effectively

Grant Criteria  

  • 501©3 registered in the US
  • Work within the fields of basic education, energy, food solutions, healthcare, housing, and water solutions
  • Have a predominant focus on women and/or children
  • Innovative approach to increasing access and affordability to basic services
  • Program or project includes a financial sustainability strategy
  • Evidence of social impact through measurement and evaluation
  • Program or project seeking funding promotes:
    • A financial sustainability strategy and/or provides income generation for NGO
    • Increases scale and reach to target population and/or meets a previously unaddressed need of the population
    • Develops infrastructure necessary to deliver services
    • Enables service delivery to become more effective in implementing your theory/strategy for social change
    • Does not include funding for continuing overhead costs i.e. salaries unless it is attached to the introduction of new programming and includes an exit strategy for NGO to cover ongoing salaries costs post grant termination