Recoverable Grants

Catalytic Capital 

World Impact offers recoverable grants to companies which align in impact, but lack the necessary financial performance to service debt. Our recoverable grants serve to develop the bandwidth of companies to take on working capital loans by utilizing grant funding in a similar capacity. We offer funding along with impact measurement strategy support to provide necessary resources for the organization to scale. Throughout the process, repayments develop the track record, and impact measurements are improved through consultation.

As companies reach predetermined impact and financial milestones, they will be considered for follow on debt capital from World Impact Foundation. By offering flexible financing World Impact will grow alongside companies as they develop.

Impact Criteria

  • Company sells product or service within basic services sectors as defined by WIF (housing, energy, water/sanitation, agriculture, education)
  • Product or service directly serves the poor or underserved as customers OR company integrates underserved population within value chain in a meaningfulcapacity (may include producer relationships resulting in provisions of technical assistance, market access, higher/more consistent incomes, etc.)
  • Company is increasing access and affordability of a basic service for target population
  • Target population represents more than 50% of customers, employees, or producers
  • Evidence that the impact on target population will not be sacrificed with scale of operations
  • Company has intention of creating impact measurement framework, including collection methods and analysis; the company should have some key indicators it already considers through day to day operations, as well as the desire to improve the data gathering approach to be more robust

Financial Criteria  

  • Operations for 2+ years with a proven business model
  • Experienced, motivated and impact aligned management team
  • Generates minimum earned annual revenue of 75K USD
  • Expected to generate positive cash flow within 12 months of receiving the recoverable grant
  • Interest and ability to meet debt service requirements as scheduled by WIF


Achievement benchmarks across impact and financial operations to be achieved throughout the duration of the recoverable grant period

  • Implement impact measurement framework, including collection methods and analysis (should be ready for implementation immediately following recoverable grant deployment and introducing relevant support)
  • Collect baseline data, including household level impacts and other evidence to validate TOC; preliminary data available for review by WIF
  • Provide periodic (quarterly, unless a typical cycle of business is different) reporting as required by WIF on impact milestones achieved
  • Achieve positive cash flow on an annual basis OR raise capital needed to continue investing into growth and repay the recoverable grant
  • Successfully demonstrate ability to return grant money as scheduled



Currently World Impact does not accept unsolicited applications for recoverable grants